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The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Apartment Complexes in Birmingham, AL

There are some commercial properties whose carpet flooring takes a beating. Typically, restaurants are first thought of because of the amount of people that come in and out of them. However, carpet flooring in apartment complexes in Birmingham, AL take a different type of pounding. In apartments, the area of carpet flooring in smaller, therefore the foot traffic in certain areas take a greater beating. As a result, the carpet in apartments tend to get worn down faster. If you are managing or own an apartment complex that has carpet flooring, you probably already realize the need for a professional carpet cleaner. However, you may be wondering how you can be more efficient and save money before you have to replace the carpet.              


Last Resort Deep Cleaning

                After a number of years, depending on the grade of carpet and the amount of traffic, the carpet will have to be replaced. This can cost thousands of dollars. However, there is an alternative that many apartment complexes do not know about. The best carpet cleaning companies in Birmingham, AL utilize the rotovac technology that cleans up to 40% better than a traditional wand. By having jets that rotate, it is able to restore even the dirtiest of carpets. Although utilizing this technology is more expensive than a traditional deep cleaning, it is still much cheaper than replacing carpet. So before you get ready to replace the carpet flooring in Birmingham, AL, call the best commercial carpet cleaning company to evaluate it at no cost and advise if it can be saved. The best part of this method is that if the company agrees, you will not have to pay anything if the carpet cleaner cannot restore the carpet to an acceptable condition.

So if you are an investor or property manager of an apartment complex, be sure to utilize a commercial carpet cleaning company in Birmingham, AL to restore your carpet and save you money.