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Spot Removal on Masland Carpet in Birmingham, AL

Have you recently purchased Masland carpet as your choice of flooring in your home or business? Perhaps, you have had Masland carpet flooring for a while and are simply looking for more information on how to care for your carpet. It is important to know how to remove spots and stains on your carpet. By removing spots and stains the wrong way, one can easily discolor their carpet and ruin its attractive look. The manufacturer has specific directions on how to remove spots on Masland carpet. Although, the carpet may have stain resistant qualities, no carpet is completely stain proof. It simply is able to hold the spills on the top of the carpet to allow for easy removal. So how should you remove spots and stains on Masland carpet in Birmingham, AL?

Spot Removal Procedures

  1. For liquids, use a white terry cloth towel to blot the liquid dry. Do not rub or scrub the spill as this can distort the carpet or spread the stain. Always blot from the outside in to contain the spill.
  2. For solids, use a spoon or some other round object to scoop of the solid from the top of the carpet fibers. If the solid made a stain, simply make a solution containing dish detergent and warm water to remove the stain. Always be sure to try the solution in an inconspicuous area first to be sure it will not discolor or damage the carpet.
  3. After the stain is gone, be sure to rise the carpet and put a ½” layer of paper towels on top of the area to make sure it is blotted dry. Put a heavy object on top of the layer of paper towels and change as necessary.


However, if the “do it yourself” method does not work. It is important to call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain in order to maintain the warranty for the carpet. So have the best carpet cleaner in Birmingham, AL in your contact book in case a spill requires their attention.