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Green Carpet Cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL

Are you concerned about the environment and the potential harmful chemicals that can be found in a typical carpet cleaning? Ask your carpet cleaner about green carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL. More and more people are getting concerned about the environment. As more data comes out about harmful chemicals found in our food in order to preserve it longer for higher profits, people are starting to realize why we as a human race don’t live as long as we used to. This is especially true of the United States. In the construction industry, a big push is being made for new buildings to be LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. The basic idea of LEED is to build buildings that utilize sustainable techniques and conserve as much energy as possible. Another part of LEED deals with the VOC content within the interior of the building. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. The higher the VOC level, the worse it is for our bodies. So how does this apply to green carpet cleaning? Many of the chemicals typically used in traditional deep cleaning via hot water extraction have a high VOC content. However, green carpet cleaning eliminates this issue.

Green Carpet Cleaning

There are many ways to make carpet cleaning “green”. However, the main way is to use chemicals that are environmentally safe. Ask your carpet cleaner if they have “green chemicals” or if they use techniques that are safe for the environment. The good carpet cleaners will do their best to accommodate your request. In some cases there may be an additional charge but you will have peace of mind knowing that your air quality as well as your carpet is fresh and clean.

So if you are looking for green carpet cleaning in Tuscaloosa, AL make sure you are up front with your carpet cleaner!