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Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Churches in Birmingham, AL

There are many commercial buildings that utilize carpet flooring. It is important that each of these buildings follow a strict floor maintenance plan to extend the life of the carpet flooring. Not only is it good practice to have a deep cleaning maintenance plan, most all carpet manufactures require it to validate their warranty. However, churches are often different in that they may not only have carpet flooring, but they might also have upholstery on their pews or chairs. This creates another dynamic part in a carpet cleaning maintenance plan. So what do you need to know about commercial carpet cleaning churches in Birmingham, AL?

Carpet Maintenance Plan

                Depending on the amount of traffic the church receives, the carpet should be deep cleaned via the hot water extraction method once or twice a year.  In addition to a deep cleaning, there should be periodic carpet cleanings of the traffic area to maintain its integrity. Scotch guard should also be used in high traffic areas to protect the carpet from the common foot debris that gets tracked onto the carpet from people’s shoes. The good thing about most churches is that there is not a big chance of food or drink stains in the sanctuary, which can be the area with the most carpet. In other areas with carpet flooring, such as a gym or classrooms, it may be different. The best carpet cleaners in Birmingham, AL will sit down with the church and figure out the best carpet maintenance plan based off of how the church utilizes its space. Along with the church pews or chairs, all carpet or upholstery related items should be in the plan and maintained.  

So if you have a church that needs a good carpet maintenance plan, make sure to call the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Birmingham, AL.