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Cleaning Commercial Carpet Tiles in Birmingham, AL

Are you looking for ways to clean the commercial carpet tiles in your place of business? Commercial carpet tiles in Birmingham, AL can be found in hospitals, office buildings, and even churches. These carpet tiles are constructed in such a way to keep the dirt and residue at the top of the carpet fibers for easy removal. This is done by tightly compacting the carpet fibers and by keeping them short. However, no matter how tight the fibers are woven, eventually dirt and allergens will find their way to the bottom of the fibers where it will be very difficult for a regular vacuum cleaner to remove them. So how do you clean commercial carpet tiles?


Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Since most commercial buildings that utilize commercial carpet tiles are found in large buildings, portable water extractors are often used. These machines can be very powerful and be more than enough to remove even the deepest soils that can be embedded in the carpet tiles. In areas such as hospitals, cleanliness is especially important and carpet is no different. Wherever people are, dirt and dust is sure to follow. Since we as humans are constantly shedding skin which comprise most of your common dust, there is no way to escape having to clean the carpet tiles. By using the hot water extraction method, no matter how deep the soils are, the hot water pressure will disturb them allowing for the powerful vacuum to extract it along with the water. It is also important to use air movers or blowers when drying carpet tiles since most carpet tiles are installed on concrete slabs.

So how do you clean commercial carpet tiles in Birmingham, AL? Call a professional carpet cleaner and make sure measures are taken so that is dries properly.