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Cleaning Carpet Pet Stains in Birmingham, AL

Do you have a pet that you are trying to potty train in your house? Training you pet to relieve themselves in the right area can be tough. One thing for sure is that there will be times where your pet will not always go in the area you want them to. Some accidents are less severe than others, however, when there is a severe accident, you must be prepared to clean it so that your pet does not go back to the same spot. It can be a tough act to completely remove a urine stain from carpet. If left untreated, a urine stain can get down into the carpet padding due to the frequent visitation of the pet. So how should you attack your carpet pet stains in Birmingham, AL?

Wet Pet Stains

It is important to act fast when your pet first soils your carpet with urine. It is recommended to put down a layer of newspaper as well as thick paper towels over the stain. Then stand on the stain for a few minutes to soak up the urine as much as possible. Then, as part of the training, put the soaked up urine in the area where you want your pet to relieve itself. It is important to get the scent of out the carpet as your pet will continue to visit that area as long as they can smell it. To eliminate the smell, call a professional carpet cleaner and tell them about your problem. There are special chemicals that eliminate the odor and will help keep your pet from revisiting that area.

Remember, your pet has to be trained to and it is a process. So when that accident happens, don’t be afraid to call a professional carpet cleaner to clean your pet stains in Birmingham, AL