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Best Carpet for Allergies in Tuscaloosa, AL

Are you or someone in your hone one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies? Perhaps you are building your first home and trying to decide between hardwood and carpet in certain rooms. If so, finding the best carpet for allergies is an important decision. The first thing one should do is research and find the pros and cons of hardwood vs carpet. In the past, it has been widely thought that hardwood floors are better for allergies. However, recent studies have shown that carpet is actually a better option for allergy stricken homes. Pollen and other allergens have to be air born to trigger allergies withing people. Carpet traps those allergens keeping them grounded instead of airborne. To convince yourself of this, if you already have a house with both carpet and hardwood, open the blinds or curtains of both rooms, letting natural sunlight into the room, and compare the amount of particles you see in the air from both rooms. So what is the best carpet for allergies in Tuscaloosa, AL?

Choosing the Right Material and Weave Pattern

The best carpet for allergies consist of materials in which the particles that comprise allergens cannot thrive. Allergens consist of mold, dust, pollen, dust mite excrements, and dirt. Some carpet manufactures treat their carpet with certain chemicals to repel allergens and soils. It is important to ask for Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) carpets that have little or no traces of formaldehyde and benzene. These chemicals turn to gas over time and can affect the air quality of the home. Some consider nylon as being the best material to repel and control allergens. Wool is considered the worst material to control allergens since mold can thrive in wool carpet or rugs. The weave pattern should be tightly woven and short in order to control these small allergens and make it easier to clean. Berber carpet makes a good choice for this reason.

Regardless of the carpet that is chosen, it must be vacuumed frequently and cleaned by a professional. So when looking for the best carpet for allergies in Tuscaloosa, Al, make sure you have a good professional carpet cleaner to perform scheduled deep cleaning to help control the allergens.