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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning – Air Quality

Do you or someone in your home have asthma or struggle with allergies? Perhaps you have a business with several employees whose health is of great benefit to you. Do you have a small child who is prone to getting sick? If so, you should be concerned about the air quality in your home or business. There is a perception that hard flooring is better for people with allergies. This simply is not true. A lot of the dust and allergens get dusted or swept back into the air when hard flooring is cleaned. Think about the last time you dusted off a window sill or that chair in the corner that nobody sits in. These small particles float in the air where we can inhale them which triggers our allergies. On the other hand, carpet traps these allergens so that they do not get suspended back in the air when the carpet is cleaned. If you are struggling with this issue and you have a room with both carpet and hard flooring, let the sun shine through the window and see which room has the most dust particles floating in the air. So how does carpet cleaning better your air quality in Birmingham, AL?


Carpet Cleaning

                When you get a professional carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL, most of the allergens which comprise mostly of dust (human skin) and feces of other insects get extracted from the roots of your carpet fibers. This allow your carpet to catch more dust particles out of the air. A regular vacuum does not have near the power of a truck mount unit which is used to clean carpet. Therefore, when carpet is professionally deep cleaned, you can get rid of allergens that your vacuum simply can’t get to. If you do not get your carpet deep cleaned at least once a year, these allergens will build up and compound within your carpet fibers and its’ effectiveness of containing allergens will continue to decrease.

So don’t hesitate to call the best carpet cleaning company in Birmingham, AL to maintain your carpet flooring.