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Bedroom Carpet Cleaning – Birmingham, AL

Many people argue over whether or not to go with hardwood or carpet in their bedroom. The reality is both have their pros and con. The other reality is that carpet is cheaper and with the current economy more people are choosing carpet whether they prefer it or not. However, people who do decide to put hardwood in their bedrooms or buy a house with carpet in their bedrooms choose to put area rugs down on their floors. People do this to try to keep the comfort and warmth that carpet gives while keeping the appearance and look of hardwood. This means that most people will have to have either their bedroom carpet or area rug cleaned. However, before we discuss bedroom carpet cleaning options, lets talk about the pros and cons of hardwood vs carpet in the bedroom.  


Carpet Pros and Cons


Carpet provides a soft cushion for people with knee problems. It has been professed by many to be much easier on their joints.

It traps dust and allergens in the carpet fibers which keeps you from breathing them and aggravating allergies.


Requires frequent vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning which can be expensive over the life of the carpet.

Wears down and requires replacing after a certain time which depends on the amount of traffic


Hardwood Pros and Cons


Provides a nice clean natural look and adds value to the home.

If properly maintained, it can last almost indefinitely.


Dust and pollen tends to accumulate under beds and furniture and can cause allergy problems if not addressed.

It is one of the more expensive types of flooring.


So how should you address your carpet or rug cleaning? If you need bedroom carpet cleaning in Birmingham, AL you should call W&S Professional Carpet Cleaning for a deep steam cleaning via hot water extraction. A deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner using the hot water extraction method is recommend by most carpet manufactures in order to keep the warranty. So don’t delay , call W&S Carpet Cleaning @ 205-477-8257 for a FREE estimate today!