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Allergy free carpet in Birmingham, AL

Want to know how to obtain allergy free carpet in Birmingham, AL? As allergy season is approaching, many families are wondering how to allergy proof their homes. So where should you start first? Your bedroom! The place in your home with the most allergens is your bedroom. On average, a person spends at least 8 hours a day in their bedroom. Also, many materials and fabrics that attract allergens are found in the bedroom. These are materials such as your comforters, furniture, boxes, stuffed animals and mattresses. There are 5 main allergens that are found in most bedrooms. Knowing about these allergens are key to obtaining allergy free carpet.

  1. Dust Mites
    1. House-dust mites are members of the arachnid family. This extensive family includes mostly spiders, chiggers, and ticks. Dust mites themselves pose no problem to humans..unless you are one  of the millions who suffer from allergies. It is not the dust mite that causes allergy problems, it is their waste. Once airborne, a dust mite’s fecal pellets triggers allergies and causes many problems to humans.
  2. Mold
    1. Mold spores can be found anywhere in a home that is persistently damp and not well ventilated. The main areas where water can enter into a home are leaky windows, pipes and roofs. One must address any mold issues immediately in a home.
  3. Cockroaches
    1. Cockroaches are considered second only to dust mites in the cause of allergies in homes. In the United States, studies suggest that 40-60% of the population are cockroach sensitive. They are found in places such as kitchen cabinets, under sinks, around garbage and in bathrooms. Cockroach allergens are not fully understood but it is known that their waste play a big part in the air borne particles that plague millions of humans
  4. Pollen
    1. Pollen plagues many humans during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. The 3 most common pollens that get brought into homes are tree, grass, and weed pollens. These pollens are brought in by open windows, on clothing, or tracked in by pets.
  5. Dust
    1. Dust is comprised mostly of human skin as we shed continuously. It is also comprised of pollen, cockroach waste, dust mite waste, mold spores, and other microorganisms. Once these fine particles get airborne it can take hours for them to settle again. Breathing these particles can create real problems for people with asthma. Therefore, it is extremely important not to just disturb dust so it gets airborne, but to vacuum it or remove it with a damp cloth.


Keeping your carpet cleaned is an essential and effective way to remove these main allergens from your home. How do you maintain allergy free carpet in Birmingham, AL? Control your main allergens and get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year.